4 January 2022

A trendy 2022 with Avinom

It’s january and that means we have let 2021 behind us. Due to the worldwide pandemic we’re struggling to express ourselves these days. A good reason to focus on the new year 2022 is upon us. Like every year we can turn our attention on a few exciting trends and developments in our industry.

Everyone that wishes to follow the latest trends and developments this year, absolutely needs to adjust to the colours dark blue, gray and gold. These are colours that have been trending before in recent years and will stay so. For these colours, it’s not just about walls, but also furniture and style objects. Gray is versatile, warm, an excellent base and very stylish. Blue brings you luxury, calmness, confidence and coolness. Gold also is a typical luxurious and eye-catching colour and brings a safe and warm feeling.

At Avinom we wouldn’t be Avinom if we aren’t prepared on all possible colour trends and developments. Make sure to take a look at our beautiful stylish products and elements in various colours like gold or gray. In consultation it’s also possible to get a colour that isn’t in our catalogue yet.

Natural elements are going to be very popular in 2022. The Scandinavian feeling with a lot of light types of wood will be a common scene in many homes. Besides furniture, this will also be visible in floors, ceilings and walls. Together with many natural elements like (dried) flowers and materials like bamboo, rattan and stone will form a peaceful, botanical interior.

Also durability will once again be of great importance in de interior industry. Recylced materials aren’t just popular as a statement, but also contribute to a better environment. Examples are bioplastic and stone.

Products of Avinom are designed beautifully and available in various materials like wood types or certified aluminium and stainless steel. These would make the effect of a ‘statement piece’ (a showpiece in an interior like a beautiful vase or piece of art) greater, which also is a trend for this new year. Make sure to take a look at our versatile designs and diffrent materials in our catalogue.

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