About us

Avinom has been leading in furniture fittings and fixing materials since 1967. We help and inspire furniture producers throughout the world who are looking for the best solutions that will fit their end product to perfection. In addition to an extensive catalogue range, Avinom creates innovative solutions fully tailored to the client’s wishes. Your wish is our inspiration.

A wealth of ideas

Avinom is buzzing with ideas, is inventive and dares to be different from others. Boring and grey designs are not a good match for us. We dare to use different colours. In addition to our wide collection of basic colours, we launch colour trends and respond to market demands.

Moreover, Avinom is resourceful and fully engaged in customised solutions. We advise on the development of completely new products and help with the implementation of products from our catalogue.

“Just Dutch”

We translated our Dutch character into a creative design. The strength of Avinom lies in the flexible solution of furniture issues. Here, we take functionality and production as well as assembly and design into account. This vision has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients including furniture producers, kitchen and bed manufacturers and interior designers and installers.

Practical and stylish design

During the design process, the Avinom designers focus on both the practical use and appearance. We ensure that the products can be fitted as easily as possible by fully automated processes, professionals and end users. Avinom even takes care of fully automated processing, such as barcodes, stock management, the smart use of packaging and logistics.

Recognisable quality

The iconic Avinom exclamation mark features on all products. This is to ensure and recognise the quality of the product. It goes without saying that our designers are happy to help you figure out a way to have your icon or logo feature on the product as well.