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Avinom collaborates with customers from all fields. It could, therefore, happen that a customer is looking for a product not included in our standard product catalogue. Not a problem, because we also provide customised products. We base our work on the issue our partners experience and keep on asking questions until we have found the exact right solution. In this way, when doing business with Avinom, you are always assured of the right products.

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“Suitable solution”

In most cases those producing furniture apply a standardised method ensuring that the products from our standard range can be used. However, Avinom also ensures that the opposite is possible where we adapt our products to suit your wishes. In this way we provide you with a customised solution that suits your product best.


The first question of each customer is different from others. They sometimes present their own design to be further detailed in mutual collaboration. However, Avinom is also more than willing to design a totally new product based on your requirements. In all cases the result is the same; a customised product that is fully in line with your wishes.

Design elements

Design elementsAssuring the products being in line with your design does not only apply to functional products. We also become involved in the appearance of the product by adapting the colour, for example. It is, for instance, possible to supply a product from our catalogue range in a colour selected by you from the 99+ colours we offer. But you can also approach us for entirely new design elements that totally complete your product.


Thanks to our knowledge of the various sectors, materials, technologies and manners of production, we can divert from the well-trodden path. We will come up with customised solutions while simultaneously paying attention to the application of the design in production and assembly. Furthermore, we will take safety guidelines into account, test all products extensively and, if so desired, supply these products with the correct certifications in place.bility

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Not everyone works in the same way as others. For this reason we, at Avinom, offer you plenty of options.